Inter-Professional Continuing Education (IPCE)

Inter-Professional Continuing Education (IPCE)

  • Strategic Planning Leading to Application for Joint Accreditation

    When considering Joint Accreditation, the most important step to success with Joint Accreditation is instituting a sea change in ensuring that all members of the healthcare team are on a level playing field. This culture shift is usually complicated and requires careful strategic planning and time to institute changes. Passin Associates starts with Joint Accreditation client at least two years out to ensure they understand the unique culture of accreditation that is by and for the healthcare team.

  • Repositioning CE Organizations to Function By and For the Healthcare Team

    In some cases, repositioning only requires the integration of two or three different team members to a level playing field and the development of a unified planning process that involves all professionals as equals. In other cases, it involves merging multiple accreditation operated by different departments within organizations, the development of entirely new policies and procedures that are responsive to Joint Accreditation’s 13 Criteria—all of which requires careful advance planning and top-down support from management and leadership. Passin Associates can provide guidance and support for this process.

  • In-Service Training of the 13 Criteria for Joint Accreditation

    Joint Accreditation organizations are no longer beholden to each of the individual previous accrediting bodies—they only need to be responsive to the Joint Accreditation Team. This process is simpler and results in the elimination of multiple processes that are unique to each discipline. Passin Associates professional staff will assist in the development of new policies and procedures unique to Joint Accreditation, and provide in-service training for all members of the team that result in the adoption of new practices.

  • Joint Accreditation Self-Study

    Similar to self-studies for other accreditation, each applicant and re-applicant for Joint Accreditation for the Healthcare Team must undergo a self-study report and preparation of Performance-in-Practice materials for nine jointly accredited activity files. Passin Associates professionals will guide the self-study process to ensure that each of the 13 Criteria for Joint Accreditation are fully compliant and that accreditation or accreditation with commendation is successful.

  • Mock Survey

    Whether you’re an initial applicant or going through reaccreditation, being prepared for the Accreditation Interview is a critical process and one that most of our clients tell us is “the most important step in the self-study process.” Because staff directors change and leadership always changes, rehearsing how to respond to detailed question about the self-study report is a process that gives your team confidence, and the expertise it needs to respond to whatever questions the survey team may ask. In addition, this rehearsal serves to prepare youir team for group responses, smooth transition, how to handle unexpected questions . . . and more. Passin Associates conducts five hour mock surveys onsite at your location or at another location of your choice. A written report summarizing the results of the mock survey is provided in a timely manner and debriefings occur to master areas requiring correction and further preparation.

  • Accreditation Interview

    During the Accreditation Interview, the CME provider’s attention must be on the substance of the interview without worrying about the logistics of the session. Passin Associates is onsite with you to ensure a smooth interview. Issues that arise during the interview are quickly resolved with the confidence that this support brings.