Our Staff

  • Steve M. Passin, FACEHP, CHCP

    Main Office: (610) 325-3611

    Areas of Concentration

    Strategic planning

    Acquisitions and merges

    Regulatory compliance and policies

    Separation of education and promotion

    Corporate structure in CME

    Progress reports

    CME Committee/Board strategies

    ACCME self-studies specializing in C11-13 and Accreditation with Commendation criteria

    Joint Accreditation strategy and self-studies

    Performance-in-Practice documentation

  • Judy M. Sweetnam, M.Ed., CHCP

    Main Office: (610) 325-3611

    (757) 349-3772

    Areas of Concentration

    Staff training

    Designing outcomes measurements

    CME planning processes including RSS

    Virtual directorship

    ACCME Self-Study support

    Research in CE

    Performance-in-Practice documentation

  • Karen J. Kaminskas, MS Ed., CHCP

    Main Office: (610) 325-3611

    Areas of Concentration

    ACCME Self-Study Report support for both initial accreditation and reaccreditation

    Interprofessional CE Self-Study support

    Management of files and documentation

    Advice and review of issues surrounding the Standards for Commercial Support, disclosure and resolution of COI

    Mock surveys and preparation for the accreditation interview

    Training and instruction on the process for determining professional practice gaps and underlying needs for CE activities

    Support in choosing educational formats and engagement of learners in CE activities

  • Susan C. O’Brien

    Main Office: (610) 325-3611

    (253) 853-7356

    Areas of Concentration

    Hospitals and medical schools

    Medical associations

    ACCME self-study support

    Virtual directorship

    Staff in-service training

    CME planning process including RSS, MOC, PI and POC

    Performance-in-practice documentation

  • Margaret Dicolli

    Main Office: (610) 325-3611

    Areas of Concentration

    Billing and finance

  • Peggy Welsh

    Main Office: (610) 325-3611

    Areas of Concentration

    Office Management

    Client support


    Project troubeshooting

    Client report editing and production

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